Wed 10 April 2019 | 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Hasolelim 3 - Hasolelim 3, Tel Aviv,


Another day begins, you open a newspaper and to your surprise Gilat used your picture without your knowledge and approval. Today you go on filming and capture the perfect frame where a boy in the street played with his dog. Are you allowed to publish the image on Facebook, on your website or on Instagram?

The lecture is a gift to Facebook group members of the photographers’ home
The number of places is limited and therefore you must register in advance.

Our next lecture deals with one of the most sensitive and interesting subjects for photographers – copyright. What are the rights of the photographer? What are the rights of the photographer? We shoot in a variety of places and situations, but we may be publishing and breaking the law. You may be entitled to thousands of dollars in compensation for using your image. The lecture will be moderated by attorney Ariel Dubinsky, one of the experts in the field of copyright, representing dozens of photographers in Israel.

Adv. Ariel Dubinsky will share with us his vast experience in the field of copyright claims and will provide basic tools for dealing with copies, tips for formulating agreements with customers, aspects of privacy protection. Which will be presented in a lecture:

What is the compensation today for copyright infringement?
What is an economic right
What is a moral right?
What determines the new amendment to the Copyright Law?
How long is the legal process going on?
Do you need to register copyright in Israel?
How do you prove copyright ownership?
Is it permissible to photograph a person on the street without his permission?
Is it permissible to photograph a minor on the street without his permission?
What is a violation of privacy?

The lecture will take place on Monday 11/3 at 19:00 in Erlich – Israel Photography Center, 3 Hasolelim Street, Tel Aviv.
For convenience, parking is adjacent to the complex and can be reached by train or by bus – a 7-8 minute walk from the Shalom station adjacent to Azrieli.

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