Thu 5 March 2020 | 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
The Refrigerator - Hasmoneans 90, Tel Aviv,

Thuresday, March 5th, HaMekarer
Contrast – Dance&video evening at Hamekarer Gallery
Maya Resheff l Martina Nevistić l Reut Shaibe l Efrat Rubin in collaboration with Iris Nais l RE-SEARCH program with the original piece of Noa Shadur l Maayan Liebman-Sharon & Yaara Nirel.
Curators: Maayan Liebman-Sharon & Yaara Nirel
Starts at 8:30 pm
English below [After Hebrew]

Thuresday, March 5th, HaMekarer Gallery
Contrast – Dance & video evening at Hamekarer Gallery
Curators: Maayan Liebman-Sharon & Yaara Nirel
Starts at 8:30 pm

Living humans can not be preserved. Approaching people this way flattens and evaporates tradition, emotions and feelings and doesn’t allow healing and creation.

Independence Day
By Noa Shadur for RE-SEARCH training program for creative dancers
Dancers: Alina Jotowski, Bar Magidesh, Ella Pollak, Meitar Arieli, Michal Solberg, Noy Haver, Neshama Bezer, Yarden Halfi, Iden Lieber, Tamar Levy, *Omri Laor, *Efrat Leibenzon.
Dramaturgy: Oran Nahum
Assistants: Rotem Greenberg, Inbar Buchbinder- Third year
Rehearsal Director: Michal Ben Basat / Roni Ben Hamo
Music: Shachar Emerilio, BNNT, Plastikman, Digitaria, RuPaul
Duration: 20 minutes.

Martina Nevistić – Croatia – APOLLONIAN / Video on screen
Author/ Directing, choreography and concept: Martina Nevistić
Performance: Petra Chelfi, Lana Hosni, Martina Nevistić
Video, photography and editing: Neven Petrović
Video design and editing: Dora Đurkesac
Sound and Music design: Vešeslav Laboš
Music used by: OUE and Labosh
Dramaturgy: Nina Gojić
Vizual design, scenography, costimography: Martina Granić
Costumes made by: Mirela Periša, Nina Tarnovski NTS
Voice over: Luka Bulović, Kruno Bakota
Production: O.N.E. 2018.

Apollonian is experimental dance video translated from multimedia performance Apollonian made in 2016.Three grids video brings us more closely to the concept.

At the end of 1960ꞌs first images of the Earth as seen from the space occurred, assigning our planet the nickname “Blue marble”. These images continued to be massively distributed after the Moon landing in 1969. The idea of human civilization as a unified entity ungoverned by racial, class and other identity categories, but rendered as a unified whole, gained its visual representation twenty years before the Cold War ended. In a sense, the image of the Earth as seen from its orbit anticipated the end of a binary relationship to the world. Moreover, it became an icon of a globalized world we know today, even though this image is still far from principles of equality called for by the counter-cultural movements from the period of the first flights to space. The flight to the Moon – and its televisual mediation – caused a turnover in the way human perception of the world is organized: for the first time in history the man saw the Earth from the “outside”, from the perspective of its satellite, as a unified whole.
In this project Martina Nevistić tackles these issues with a multimedia approach to choreography: three grid video brings us closer to the concept, by juxtaposing recorded and performed material the author tries to point out that deterritorialised images without a grounded gaze prevail in today’s communication.
At the level of choreography, the issue is dealt with by generating the material through a process of speculation about bodies that adjust to modified physical conditions, different gravitations and unknown biospheres. At the same time, symbolic reference to the flight to the Moon functions as a framework by which it becomes not only possible to make the current crisis of visuality a topic, but also to question the possibilities of transforming this condition.

Ha-Shuka / Maaayan Liebman-Sharon & Yaara Nirel
Choreography: Maaayan Liebman-Sharon
video: Yaara Nirel
Co-Dancer: Or Ashcenazi
Music: Hauschuka [music editing: Liron Meshulam]
Length of the piece: 15 minutes
The market is a heavy, grounded place .It’s a center of gravity. gravitation. A basic place. Food. Heavy bags. Carts. Legs dragged. The floor is cracked. A life that is revealed in walking.
The work deals with people on the Jerusalem street, in the market, figures, walks, humanity. The video sculpts the body, illuminates, exposes and hides it, creating a duet between the dancer and the video, using multiplication techniques, duplication, and negative space.

A dance piece which combines Animation in Augmented Reality
Created by: Efrat Rubin
Collaboration with: Iris Nais
A multi-disciplinary work that invites the user to observe the live performance on a screen and, through it, to meet a new layer. A creation that takes apart the concept of persona in a meeting between two women, the audience and the system of social expectations. Through a homage of paintings of women from the 18th and 19th centuries, masks are constructed and dismantled in a performance of the seen and hidden.
Choreography, Design, Direction & Animation: Efrat Rubin
Performers: Iris Nais & Efrat Rubin
Dramaturgy: Lilach Dekel Avnery
Music: The fourth Cello Suite by Johann Sabastian Bach
The work was produced by the From Jaffa to Agripas Festival under the artistic direction of Sofia Krantz

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