Thu 21 June 2018 | 6:30 pm - 11:59 pm
Tayelet Yaffo - Yaffo Tayelet, Yafo,

We will gather and co-create a mini playa in essence of the burn to celebrate and show gratitude for the late Larry Harvey who authored our 10 principles and more.
Bring everything you need and want for an evening & night we will remember, as we contra-burn to our fellow community members in San Francisco.
This date marks the solstice, on which Larry and his friends first gathered and burned a wood statue of a man in 1986.
Please bring activities and content and discussions that you and we may like to do together in memory of Larry Harvey – you’re welcome to post ideas into the event!
The first to arrive is asked to upload a location and a photo of the meeting spot into this event page.
Be available by phone for the first several people to arrive, until enough people arrive and help others find the place.
Once we are a large enough group, we will

***Remember: We are practicing our principles together and we have an opportunity to show our respect by leaving no trace and remaining aware to the laws of the “default”.
Leave No Trace: please remember to bring ways to take your waste with you, and let’s try to leave it even better than how we received it – pick up any and all garbage as we walk & sit & dance and we can do a mini beach clean and leave a GOOD mark on society! That is who we are!
Civic Responsibility: Remember that we are in public and so we must abide by all laws: noise, traffic, etc.
We want to be able to gather positively in larger groups while respecting the neighborhood we are in.
Please be aware and help us help each other live our preferred lifestyles more harmoniously together.
Let’s be an example! We ARE beautiful/magical/amazing!!
We ARE Midburn.
Now please go and share and invite friends!

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