Thu 7 February 2019 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Theater Gallery - HaAlia 31, Tel Aviv,

** First exhibition of the season in the gallery showrooms

The confetti exhibition at the Gallery Theater Gallery brings together the tradition of still life and the design of shop windows, when the display windows facing Ha’aliya Street will be disguised as a candy store. In Israel of 2019, after the artists have been declared enemies of the people and the homeland there is a sense that the work is required to be “sweet.” Go down a little throat without talking about politics. Without arousing friction that could harm sales or attract the censor’s attention. It is better to create coquettish, pop-up, pop-up art when Tel Aviv’s streets can be found in shops that masquerade as art galleries, not just art galleries disguised as stores.

Eisenberg and Stein, who have shared the same studio space since the beginning of the year, have been exposed to each other’s creation, and vice versa for the first time as they began collaborating for their wedding show at the store’s gallery. The two tend to adopt a saccharine aesthetic in their works that extend the boundaries of matter and medium. Works that are made of seemingly soft materials in texture and color that look closer and closer expose them to violence and flaw.
The two will stand in the windows of the gallery. Items from a forgotten festive meal and began the decay process. The left ventricle will turn the page, a permanent element in the window, into an edible item with tooth marks, “bites” and two chairs for “diners” – Elena Cherty Stein and Tziki Eisenberg.

Tziki Eisenberg is a graduate of the photography department at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and is currently studying for a master’s degree program at the University of Haifa. He is a member of the Chanina Gallery and has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Israel and abroad.

Elena Cherty Stein Born in Milan and graduated from the Department of Cultural Studies at the LCC. She studied painting privately under the direction of the artists Ilya Gefter and Maya Cohen Levy. Her works are in private collections in Switzerland, the United States and Israel.

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