Mon 27 January 2020 | 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Mindspace Bursa - Menachem Begin 11, Ramat Gan,

Welcome to Pandot first community event !!!.

Join us for a special event in Mindspace where we will hear three fascinating talks about art and code.

Coffee and tea will be served please bring food so we can have something to snack.


18:00 Mingling and snacks

18:30 Opening words & Game

18:40 Ayelet Sapirshtein – How do you draw Math?

19:10 Short break

19:30 Matan Zohar – Snappy intro to AR

20:00 Asya Frumkin-Anyone can become Magritte using computer vision

20:30 Time for more snacks and chats

How do you draw Math?

Do you have a creative side?
Are you a closet artist?
This lecture will inspire you to turn math and coding into art.
Witness familiar freshman math theorems turn into stories and beautiful mathematicians’ portraits.
Learn how to use your problem-solving skills to create art.
The lecture will include a hands-on tutorial, you will write code that creates art with only a few lines.
Experience Euler like never before.

About the speaker:

Ayelet Sapirshtein is an algorithm developer in the field of computer vision.
After a long day of solving bugs, Ayelet creates art.
And when really mad, she combines the two.
Her works have been displayed in several exhibitions.

Snappy intro to AR

AR is already allowing people to communicate and express themselves on digital platforms. In fact, 70% of Snapchat’s 210 million daily active users interact with AR every day. In this session, Matan Zohar, a creative engineer in Snap Israel, will talk about building and designing such experiences using Snap’s Lens studio, and how these experiences can reach and affect vast audiences.

About the speaker:

Matan Zohar is a Creative Engineer, currently focused on creating digital experiences that combine the virtual and physical. After graduating from the joint program of Hebrew University in computer science and Design in Bezalel Academy, started creating VR experiences at Disney Imagineering R&D Labs. Later moved on the develop user facing creative tools and virtual experiences at Autodesk, Magic Leap and currently leading creative engineering at Snap inc.

Along side the work for big companies, also active as as individual artist, and a member of Fugara. Fugara is a technological art collective, that involve multiple individuals from variety of disciplines to create art in a co-creational way. Matan has led multiple projects and participated in many other with the group, presenting large scale installations in places such as Ars Electronica, Midburn, Jerusalem light festival and many more.

Anyone can become Magritte using computer vision

Rene Magritte was a famous Belgian surrealist artist. His works challenge observers’ perception of reality by using simple graphics and everyday objects, giving new meanings to familiar things.

Inspired by the genius of his works, I will demonstrate how basic computer vision techniques can be used for creating similar images.

About the speaker:

Asya Frumkin is an algorithm developer, specializing in computer vision and currently working in the medical imaging area. She has a bachelors degree in computational biology from HUJI and a masters degree in computer science from TAU. After finishing her bachelors degree she joined Mobileye, where she fell in love with images and pixels while developing AI data infrastructure tools and ultimately led the generation of synthetic data in the company using driving simulation and smart augmentation. Recently she joined DiA Imaging Analysis, which transforms the way clinicians capture and analyze ultrasound images with AI. Asya combines her passion for contemporary and modern arts with love for hiking and extreme sports.

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