Thu 8 March 2018 | 11:30 pm - 11:59 pm
The Block - Salame 157, Tel Aviv, 60 NIS

We have not yet managed to recover from all this madness called the Purim holiday, but one thing is certain – Purim has its own after party, and the most important festival in Israel comes after Purim – Doof Festival!

We are proud to host the body that connects us every year for the past 15 years to ourselves, to the true nature of the trance and to the true quality of the real tribe of the scene.

Every young man with an old soul, every veteran with a young soul, finds themselves connecting to their sources at least once a year.
Commune and Grandma in collaboration with the staff of the peddle prepared for you a very spicy unicorn cocktail!

So pay attention to how it rolls 🙂

▬▬▬▬ ■ ▲ BLOCK FLOOR ▲ ■ ▬▬▬▬
Powered by Communa & Doof

Anyone who has traveled to a festival or two in his life around the world has always come across the dreadful sets of Boom Shankar, Paul On Psie, uncompromising, accurate, up-to-date, intelligent, and so forth in all directions even if you thought you were ready!

Logic Bomb Sweden
This Swedish Passionance is perhaps the reason why quite a few of us start listening to Pseasant.
The fractured saund, the complex melodies and the energy that comes out of their sets is pure psychedelic in the full sense of the word!
Logic Bomb has always sounded like they come from the future, even more than a decade ago and today they always manage to innovate, twist us and surprise every bit and bit!

Take a chemistry professor, mix him with a doctor of biology, add a monstrous audio system and understand why these two companies have been shaking the desert and Galilee lands for two decades in a row. Imagine what happens when their sound meets the most monstrous sound system in the Middle East!

One of the most outstanding talents that emerged from this festival, soon became one of the most beloved and representative artists for the festival. Every year .. Usually towards the last morning Tranweiz pruning the air into pieces and giving the signal to a good morning that is all a drum !!

In the course of the years, there are not many figures who have shaped the party world in Israel more than these two old foxes. From the first moment, Gai became a white house in a drum, a king for the afternoon hours of the festival, and with him comes the father of the founding generation of the prog trance scene and the legendary owner of Domo Records! Nadi Nachimov.

Generations of founders have a future generation, and experience the psychic energy that comes out of these two talented and talented people, understand that this is the representation of an entire generation, the early 2000s generation that grew up and was educated on the values ​​of prog trance from the very first!
– ———
▲ Special closing set @ the Lounge ▲
LarceKosta Klika of HAPPINES
Notice … it’s going to boil the lounge!
A hot aftern with our two high-priced vouchers, Costa from the groove and happiness from the clique and together, one of the most powerful shows you can hear today in Israel!
Get ready for the journey into the late morning hours, in the last drop of energy, until the shamanic meditation comes to an end!

▬▬▬▬ ■ ▲ SQUAT FLOOR ▲ ■ ▬▬▬▬
Powered by SAVTA

The king of dark, precise, thrilling and wonderful bits of clay, Tal Cohen, De Kick, reaches the hot squat square for an intimate and precise session as always!
All the superlatives about this giant artist will only reduce his status and his story as one who started as a DJ and has become one of the best and most famous of them, is exactly one of the stories of the grandmother we love so much!

The first DJ in Israel, the one that brought tekhouse and techno to a wide variety of geniuses into Israeli territory has already become a broad or two-fold. Grandma could not remain indifferent and called the greatest of them to show where he pissed from!

Yes yes .. The one who has already made a world name for himself, and made us all fall in love returns to the burning position that feels like home!
Nurieli knows a thing or two about accuracy, seasoned with a little slime, with a wink at the desert sands and an astronomical understanding of music.
Nurieli is going to conquer us anew and we do not oppose it at all 🙂

The northern pair of the Peganka house is going to bring something new and refreshing to the style of the cabin. There is techno in the north, and it sounds better, stronger, clearer and more quality than ever!

▬ ■ ▲ LOUNGE ▲ ■ ▬
Powered by Magaya

In the secret room we arranged a date with Mother Earth!
The right sound, the right bipiam, along with the excellent names, are going to make you choose the extension for the whole thing is not easy at all!

The one who came from Gmaldech somewhere several years ago soon became one of the pioneers of the sound of our times! Fine taste, high technical ability and unique sound signature made Johnny a good thing!

At night, when you are lost by choice, he is always there to balance the situation with his wonderful talent!

BzB GOGISTYLE (shwaya) sound system
The new Passaichel generation has already managed to make names from the north to the center!
You’re going to get a hypnotic sound show in the full sense of the word!

You probably already knew this pair at one point or another, among their many performances in clique and magic, alongside festivals in Israel and around the world, no doubt they know a thing or two about Beat, Drive and what is between them.

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