Thu 23 August 2018 | 11:00 pm
The Block - Salame 157, Tel Aviv,

They say that the best way to recover from landing is to look.
They say that in order to leave the ground with a free jump, we must disconnect the cable from past thoughts and thoughts of the future, and focus on what is happening now, right now, in front of our hearts.

We studied the boom, the ozone and the modem, balancing against the stoic landscape of the Spanish and Portuguese coasts.
And now …
We are here, in the Holy Land, in the State of Tel Aviv.
So for those of you who have not yet taken another citizenship, and have not yet closed the next visit at Terminal 3, there is a second home, a house devoted entirely to sound, electronic music, a pure, precise and hypnotic entertainment experience.
One that transmits to the souls of the soul.
One that requires more breathing.
Commune and Grandma open new season.
You can be sure that even in your wildest imagination, you did not think you would see such a show.
3 wide, 3 productions, a variety of styles that will drain to the most kicking centrum in Israel.

On the occasion of the festive event, we invited Beat Boutique, one of the most beloved labels in the city, to take command together with our beloved grandmother for the squat and lounge areas.
And as you will soon discover … waiting for you for a reason that will succeed in innovating you, with a clear agenda, quality quality and quality before the eye.

Hundreds of artists, thousands of ballers, dozens of guest productions, huge artists and exciting discoveries have turned our fifth day in the block into the center of electronic music in the city and in Israel in general.

So after a month of rest, we come back !!
Sit back in the chair … here it comes !!

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