Thu 9 May 2019 | 12:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Communa - hacarmel, tel aviv,

Sab Kuch – Our dear friends It is time to put the lassi, light incense around, browse the albums from the main bazaar and enter the most electrifying atmosphere you will meet on the 71st Independence Day of the State of Israel!

Commune, New Year’s and Shatulim unite for a very magical rave, from early morning until 4 AM the next morning !!
To an event that will change everything you knew about the culture of the Rav in Israel !!!

Forget everything you knew, because in this event you are going to see firsthand the first of its kind in Israel!
From the early hours of Independence Day, to an uncompromising rave that will take you on a nightly journey, mesmerizing, and visual on levels not seen here, kicks in the stretch of your trip for two months 🙂

Get ready for a long 16 hour journey, close to the center and light years away from the routine of Independence Day.

A parallel dimension, which is entirely ours and yours
You will not need anything except for a little mochila,

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