Sun 24 September 2017 | 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Suzanne Dellal - Neve Tsedek, Tel Aviv, From 65 NIS



Oded Ronen hosting Bascula and Wild

An evening across art forms – The worlds of Dance, Circus and Psychology meet

At the request of the audience, Cloud Nine returns to Suzanne Dellal stage as part of Tel Aviv Dance Festival 2017.

Animal turns human in MANIMAL. A work for four dancers by Oded Ronen. Bascula’s world of circus challenges the impossible with a duet of Yuval Oz and Amit Gerbi. The collaboration with Idit Ronen-Setter brings us to dive into an exciting and touching new world deep within us.

MANIMAL – by Oded Ronen. Originally commissioned by Ochre Dance Company, this animalistic and powerful quartet is performed here by an Israeli cast.
About the work: Hostility is an instinct that protects us yet enhances loneliness. The work fractures the shield of hostility and navigates us to another instinct, just as strong, of the need to connect. Once that happens, it becomes clear that in front of us, rather than someone who is different, stands another human being. We are animals, but not quite.
Dancers: Lola Irgo, Liron Braier, Ligal Melamed, Oded Ronen

Bascula – A new work by Yuval OZ. Amit Gerbi and Yuval Oz, two dance/circus artists, leading in their field, challenge gravity with circus devices and create a new world of physics on Suzanne Dellal stage.

Wild – Safe bonding between human animals (a lecture demonstration)
A unique collaboration between the worlds of dance and psychology.
What defines us as human? What are our animalistic traces? How do these help us run our daily lives and communicate with other human beings around us? Through integration of dance segments from the works, we will examine our complex inner system, which turns us into a sophisticated social creature. This system knows how to guard us from dangerous interactions, but also how to bravely open up to opportunities of safe growth.
Idit Ronen-Setter, M.A., a certified couple and family therapist, specialist in the field of trauma under the Boston’s Trauma Center, teaches and treats through the Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) international method and organization.

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