Fri 22 March 2019 | 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Shikun Bavli - Shikun Bavli, Tel Aviv,

Looking for what to do with this dress you no longer wear for two years?
Did you just go up or down and need a few pairs of pants?
Want some more items, but without emptying your pockets?
In short, it sounded like it was time for a change of clothes!

# Everyone brings clothes (no holes / tears / stains) she no longer wants, and takes clothes that others have brought. The event is designed for sizes 42 +
# can and should bring costumes (yet – Purim !!!)
# If you do not have clothes to hand over or you feel you did not bring enough items – you are invited to make up for refreshments! In general, refreshments will be welcomed (fruit, vegetables, crackers, cake, drinks or anything you like!)
# Each brings as many items as she wants, and takes up to 5 items. For all of them ..)
At the end of the change of clothes party, the clothes will be handed over to a chosen association.
# The entrance to everyone who defines herself as a woman – this is a safe space in which we need to feel comfortable to undress and so on.
# Membership can be ordered in all sizes, but the event is for women of large sizes.
# Anyone who needs to be invited to find a ride by writing a post at an event. We will try to take care of everyone from all over the country!

The event will take place in the Bavli neighborhood near the Namir / Yehuda Maccabee road, with the Gottlieb family.
Exact Address: Zohar 35, Apartment 8, 2nd floor, Tel Aviv.
They wait for you (and you should come early …)

and Sharona.

* If you have more questions, comments and suggestions – you are invited to write in avant *

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