Thu 22 March 2018 | 3:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Bavli Neighborhood - Bavli Neighborhood, Tel Aviv,

Looking for what to do with this dress you no longer wear for two years? Did you just go up or down and need a few pairs of pants? Want some more items, but without emptying your pockets? In short, it sounded like it was time for a change of clothes!

# Everyone brings clothes (no holes / tears / stains) she no longer wants, and takes clothes that others have brought. The event is intended for sizes of 42+
# It is possible and desirable to bring costumes (nevertheless – Purim !!!)
# If you do not have clothes to hand over or you feel you have not brought enough items – you are welcome to make up for refreshments! In general, refreshments will be welcomed (fruits, vegetables, crackers, cake, drinks or anything you like!)
# Each one brings as many items as she wants, and takes up to 5 items (we will not be tough on the subject, but the purpose of the restriction is to keep enough for all of them)
At the end of the change of clothes party, the clothes will be handed over to “Do not Stand By – Helping Women in a Circle of Feeds.”
# The entrance to everyone who defines herself as a woman – this is a safe space in which we need to feel comfortable to undress and so on.
# Membership can be ordered in all sizes, but the event is for women of large sizes

The event will take place in the Bavli neighborhood near the Namir / Yehuda Maccabee road, with the Gottlieb family, Tel Aviv. An exact address will be sent to all interested parties.

Waiting for you (and you should come early)

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