Wed 29 May 2019 | 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Zen Groove - Itzhak Sade 29, Tel Aviv,

After the session of the most successful trip, we go back together to maintain the breathing space Curious: Triad unique guidance guided imagery (Adi ), playing instruments tribal and modern variety (plane works), and poetry intuitive – live (Netally Reshef)

An invitation to dive with us into the seabed , To look into places within us that are sometimes swallowed up in the rhythm of life, to allow a soft movement between the body-mind and mind streams. If you wish to go out with us to the depths, come.

A few technical details: The
session will be given by Adi Leshem, Dolev Oved and Netaly Reshef.
Please come in modest and modest clothes and eat up to an hour and a half before the meeting – Session
cost 250 NIS Early sale (up to 20.5
NIS) If there is any room
, please fill out the health declaration form.
If there are any medical problems or questions, please feel free to contact us.
Meeting hours: 20: 00-22: 30 “Zen Grove” Yitzhak Sade 29, Tel Aviv.
The number of places is limited – in order to allow an intimate and peaceful space for the participants

a bit about circular breathing – REBIRTHING
Breathing is the most basic element in our body, and healing through it is complete and powerful.
In the process we will keep the continuum between the tip of the inhalation and the end of the exhalation, and take a circular and conscious breath.
This form of breath quenches our bodies. The body’s
cells fill with oxygen, heal and renew.
Through circular breathing, a deep release of blockages and connection to the subconscious is created.
Come and renew, release and air
your emotions, your mind and your body.
* Not suitable for pregnant women *
For details and registration: Adi -050-6950699 | Netaly 054-3036929

Adi Leshem: Therapist and facilitator from healing and empowerment through contact and breathing
Netalie Reshef: A therapist in Riversing, engaged in visual and musical creation, combines intuitive poetry for liberation and healing.
Dolev works: Dolev works creates a musical journey that combines modern and tribal tools while listening to and sensitive to space.

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