Tue 1 May 2018 | 9:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Tel Aviv Municipality - Ibn Gvirol 69, Tel Aviv, FREE

The award-winning Israeli film is now at the Cinematheque on the roof of the municipality.

Asher, 17, was always the ‘disturbed’ boy in high school. He lives with his father Milo, the owner of a scaffolding business, a tough, dominant man who drives with a hard hand. Who works every day with his father in scaffolding, and Milo expects him to come and replace him in the business. When a new teacher named Rami enters Asher’s class, he finds a role model in him, and for the first time succeeds in imagining a different future from what his father dictated to him.
Directed by Matan Yair
Actors: Asher Lax, Yaacov Cohen, Ami Smolarck, Berger Foundation

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