Sat 4 January 2020 | 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm
TEDER.FM - Jaffa Road, 9, Tel Aviv,

★ Cinematica’s – Soundtrack Festival and Visual Music ★

~ ~ Soviet Special ~ ~

Saturday 4th 4.1 || 16: 00-23: 00 || Romano House || Free entry

★ Audio – MixMonster + Uzi Ramirez || Yuval Shenhar + Yeho Yaron || Natural disaster || Ziv in my head

★ Visual – “The Transition” (Vladimir Tarsov, 1988) || “A Guest from the Future” (Studio Gorky, 1985) || “Letters of a Dead Man” (Constantine Lupusansky, 1986) || “VI” (Constantine Ershov, Georgi Kropaczew, 1967)

★ In the Room – Screening the movie “Soviet Hippies” \ 2017! ~

★ Spice on the second floor – a Russian animation group with Yuval Herring’s treasures! ~

On All Day Position >> Lightning Schneider ++ Punk

Markers ~ Vijay> Daniel Percey ~

★ ★ ★

Cinematics is a unique event that takes place once in a period – a vivid and mesmerizing celebration of sound and visual image, in the large expanse of Romano Romanesque house ~

on Saturday, 4 pm, on stage, in front of an audience, against the big screen, Surrounded by men, drums and samplers – one by one, some of the most atmospheric / psychedelic trainers in the field will come to life, making soundtracks for Soviet animated films and animation, from the beautiful era when the Soviet film industry was a groundbreaking imagination enterprise behind an iron screen! ~

The Vijayan will win the vocal which will be swirled / re-mixed with pictures and sequences according to what happens on stage ~ in

parallel – in the room at 21:00> screening For the fascinating docu-movie “Soviet Hippies” – allowing a look at the secret history of the flower movement and its expression under a communist regime!

And at 20:00 at Infinite Loop> Wonderful Soviet, breakthrough, impossible and inspiring Soviet animation collected and collected by an exceptional committee member – Yuval Herring ~

It will go like this (in order) >>

☆ Opening, pizza, cold beer + markey Punk on the stand with obscure soundtracks ~

ו Ziv in my head in a vivid soundtrack to the Russian TV series “Guest of the Future” – an atheist Soviet youth classic at its best! – Hovering Cars, a Time-traveling Girl and

Funny Psychedelic Scenes ~ יקס MixMonster + Uzi Ramirez in Live Soundtrack for “VI” Movie – Creating Ukraine’s Fantastic Horror Folkloristic for 1960s Wild and Color Girl-Enthusiasts Saul Creatures in an Old and Forgotten Church to ~

☆ Barack Schneider on the Stage with Atmospheric Records and Cinematic Bits ~

☆ collected Bloom, AKA natural disaster, band live sound for the film “Letters of a dead man” – a masterpiece of post apocalyptic former partner of Tarkovsky – Constantine Lofosnski ~

☆ bayous and Jehu Yaron band live sound animated short film and Mufti “transition” of genius The animation Vladimir Tarsov! ~ Another Teen-Soviet classics and one of the most beautiful animated films created behind the Iron Curtain ~

Art> A of Spring AT Aviv ~

Beit Romano || Jaffa Road 9
Free admission || 21+

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