Wed 10 May 2017 | 8:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Urban Secret Gallery - Abarbanel 56, Tel Aviv, FREE


“CHRONICA” project doesn’t just tells Ros’s story, a young artist that came to Tel Aviv 5 years ago with a pack bag, a small pitbul, endless inspiration and nameless dreams.
it also makes you experience those moving, strengthening, blurring feelings, that even Ros has yet to understand, as a part of an hypnotic artistic journey.

you probably came across Ros’s artwork..
through PlazmaLab designs or through his street art, you may have had a powerful experience in one of the festivals that he built sculptures or installations for in Israel and Europe… while lately he started tattooing in a different unique line..

all & all, you can say that he does his art in any platform, time and place he can, and this time it’s all squeezed into a compressed delicious juice.

the beauty about CHRONICA, is that you don’t necessarily have to know Ros’s story or even understand it…
the joury is personal.

in the entrance you leave your personal belonging, alongside your known self, and immediately you will have a feeling of liberation and freedom
a feeling that would take you through a powerful experience of movement, music and visuals. you will go through a whirlpool of sensations: from unsettling Uncertainty to grounding stability, from feelings of loss and sadness to waves of joy and satisfaction…

it is all there
it is all in ourself
and the art is there… to give you an opportunity to meet yourself

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