Sun 22 December 2019 | 9:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Kuli Alma - Mikve Yisrael 10, Tel Aviv,

There’s a magical time in the city that lasts from Christmas to Novy God, it’s name: we’re in the holiday spirit and no one can tell us otherwise, AKA b*tch pls don’t kill our vibe, or live and let live, or each to his/her faith!

And if our faith happens to be being drunk all day long on egg nog, getting presents and cry our hearts out about our less fortunate 2019 decisions – it’s totally OUR business!

So Kuli is a place that pretty much adopts any reason for a party, As if – ANY reason for a party.�
And because tradition is tradition, this is the official kick off of -Christmas-Novy-God 2019!
We have a mad line-up, approved by Santa, he literally said: SABABA Oh oh oh oh! (we have proof!)

💥💥💥💥LINE UP💥💥💥💥

🎄SUNDAY 22/12 🎄
Sun Tailor feat. Saz
DJ Dorembus

Doors: 21:00
Show 22:30

🎄Monday 23/12🎄
Special Stand Up
DJ BasicSkill

Doors: 21:00

🎄Tuesday 24/12🎄
Alaev Family
hamuazin + KabookiZ

Doors: 21:00
Show 22:30

🎄Wednesday 25/12🎄
The Uzi Navon Legacy
Evgeni Chertkov + DJ PIPE

Doors: 21:00
Show 22:30

🎄Thursday 26/12🎄
DJ Perky + DJ Glass Vegas

Doors: 21:00

🎄Friday 27/12🎄
DJ Moshik + DJ Z-gel

Doors: 21:00

🎄 Saturday 28/12🎄
Shazamat – שאזאמאט
DJ Nadav Neeman + DJ Guysho

Doors: 21:00
Show 22:30

🎄Sunday 29/12 🎄
Lucille Crew
DJ Ben Hoze + DJ Maayan Bergman

Doors: 21:00

Graphics: Erezoo

Merry Christmas and Snovym Godam!

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