Wed 28 November 2018 | 10:30 pm - 11:55 pm
Tel Aviv Museum of Art - Shaul HaMelech 27, Tel Aviv, 79 NIS

Wednesday, November 28 at 22:30 – Kaufman Hall
A special production for the festival
Chen Levy hosts Eyal Mazig and Sivan Talmor
The lost children of jazz are coming home

Singer and singer Chen Levy, who was defined by Danny Gottfried as “the best singer in Israeli jazz today,” this year launched her debut album in the musical production of double bass player Avri Borochov, which combines ethnic tones and jazz and pop art.
Today Levy manages the Vocal Jazz track at the Rimon School, where she teaches voice and improvisation. She has participated in many projects alongside Berry Sakharof, Harel Skaat, Chen Zimbalista and more. She performed at jazz festivals in Israel and on stages around the world.

Levi’s Quartet will host two of Israel’s leading artists –
Bass player, producer and orchestra conductor Eyal Mazig (“The Dorabanim”, Shlomo Artzi) and the singer and composer Sivan Talmor (Arik Berman, Eli Botner). Both began their journey in the jazz world before they developed into different and far-reaching styles.

Chen Levy’s Quartet and their guests will return to Mekorot and perform original Chen songs combining jazz with Art Pop, along with songs from Sivan Talmor’s repertoire and Eyal Mazig, and of course jazz classics in surprising arrangements.

Chen Levi – vocals
Avri Borochov
Nir Yatzkan – Keyboards Nir Yatzkan
Yuval Bar-Ilan – Guitar Yuval Bar-Ilan
Sharon Petrover – drums Sharon Petrover

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