Sat 30 March 2019 | 6:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Cheers Bar - Allenby 56, Tel Aviv,

Not sure what this event is more – exciting us, or making us feel old. Either way, it’s not just another birthday-it’s a pak!

Well, it’s a bar, and he’s not going to the army now, but we’ve made a piece of an event so we can celebrate our house properly, and especially give love to you – our friends.

Saturday 30.03 It happens. What’s in the plan?
On the music, we prepared a lineup that would not embarrass the biggest festivals in Europe (or Allenby):
– DJ Spellg – a regular guest on our grunge evenings and put some roughness into the evening.
“DJ Savi” Nissan – a guest in our Friday taverns, producer of metal vocals and many years of absorption behind him – will increase the distortion.
-DJ Barak God – Berman, a brother and responsible for our Ninetian Arabs, will make us happy.
-DJ Nisan – Berman, DJ Ali and King of the World in general!
– DJ “Boss” Nir Bach – Some of you know him as the boss, some of you as “the one who looks like Chandler” – will play whatever he wants because he is the boss.

Starting at 6 pm, Happy Hours until 9pm,
Like every birthday party that respects itself – there will be a hot dog stand (also vegan), come hungry!
Make a place in the closet for the new shirts, prepare the liver, and do not be kids – take a day off after that, because the cheers are celebrating 18!

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