Sun 31 March 2019 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Polly - Rothschild Boulevard 60, Tel Aviv,

The great hope of the left, the Party of Generals and Niskorn, Bibi is worse than anything, Bibi is excellent in everything, Haim Katz or Israel Katz. Lieberman, Kahlon and Orly Levy and their flirting with the blocking percentage … (artist, artist, artist!)

All this is really interesting and good, but we are liberals, and as liberals, there is nothing we like more than to argue between us who is more just. So before the next election day we decided to bring the Facebook discussions to reality and ask all the difficult questions that interest the exact same 5000 people.

What is more useful? Is it a registration for a ruling party, a new party or even a change outside the party framework?
Libi Molad, Roni Tal from Nativ in the Likud, and Jonathan Okon, are all free to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each school.
Admission is free!

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