Wed 18 April 2018 | 9:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Haezor - 13 HaRechev St, Tel Aviv, 55 NIS

For those who do not know us – we are the “Challenge Accepted” camp –  a new and kicking Midburn camp that comes flying over the Playa and challenging everything that’s around it.
We are throwing a huge Independence Carnaval, which is not only a party, but also a fair that will include fun and challenging games, task roulette, “what is the chance” game and many other surprises that will let you in to the nearby desert atmosphere.
What to expect?
# Excellent music
# Drinks and lots of it
# Wide space to dance including a very cool balcony (because you are tired of dancing on each other and being careful not to spill your beer 😉 )
# Local Hummus stand
# Lots of joy and love in our way
And the most important:
# Lots of surprising and challenging games for those of you who like to play 😉

Music: Starting strong and slowly increasing (mainstream and then techno and progressive for the dessert)
Dj Melon
Dj Pultam

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