Thu 1 August 2019 - Fri 2 August 2019 | 11:55 pm - 9:30 am
The Block - Salame 157, Tel Aviv,

The center and the source of everything that is bursting and bursting to live downtown, the place where we will miss nothing, where only the beginning is known and the end is not on the
Downtown menu , here, all our wishes will come true, every whim and passion will be answered individually and together.

Tsuzaman and staff are proud to fifth block, host, praising the honorees that will make us forget the world outside / above / Shblllll us, shame …

music of life can not be set by style, but by experience and emotion. Feel free to try it yourself –
Maybe that’s how it is that they are always one step ahead of everyone, and just there he also sweeps everyone whose ears fall on the sounds he creates. An exciting and stimulating mosaic of organic and analog music, with a unique musical signature – rich – varied – notebook – connected; His productions have found a home in the most prominent libels (examples), have become wide-ranging amnesty, and time after time continue to place him at the forefront of the creation of electronic music culture.
Pleasant addiction – Love Rehab

Summer 2016, a new track is born into the world and takes over the positions of many of the leading artists (Solomon, Oliver Koltsky, Tiesto, Karl Cox, André Oliva and more …)

The Neapolitan duo, Dario and Mauro, who have since joined forces in 2012, have managed to get involved in the underground nightlife scene in Naples, to play throughout Europe and South America – and soon gained worldwide acclaim. Monewalk creates combinations between Techno and Techeus and sprinkle over precise touches of Deep-Electronic fibers.
And a little more fun with Domino 

Line Up:

Chaim (Blue Shadow)
Ray Harel b2b Hilu
Adam Ten b2b Mita Gami

Moonwalk (Stil vor Talent)
Potcha b2b Turgi

Omer Bar
Kino Todo

¡± Do not forget to remember¡ ±
* Priority entry to card buyers in the early sale.
* Opening doors at 23:59.
* Membership cards of the club automatically give a discount at the check-in counters.
* It is recommended to purchase a ticket at the earliest sale and not to arrive at the last minute so as not to be delayed in line.
* Entrance to the Block Club is conditional upon a security check and the presentation of an identity card!
* The block club seeks to preserve the personal space of all of us, so inappropriate behavior and harassment will be dealt with severely. If you encounter any such phenomenon, contact any member of the club and they will take care of the matter.
* keep it fresh – Smoking is not allowed in the block’s main space, in the bathroom and in the corridors.
(In a squat and in a walk).
* Do not use cell phones in the streets, it hurts a friend next to you, hits the phone and just does not sound.

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