Thu 18 April 2019 | 11:30 pm
Beit Maariv - karlibach 2, Tel Aviv,

— Beit Maariv Presents —

Chaim in rotation w/ Jenia Tarsol!

After we calmed down from a stormy election campaign, we can devote ourselves to the better aspects of our dramatic lives: the real rotation you have been waiting for all this time comes to spread a great light and to cast a blue shadow on Tel Aviv …

On the one hand – life – always moving, always varied, always accurate Who according to his name is responsible for life-sustaining stemes that send listeners deep inward and high into the sky. In recent years he has maintained his stable position as one of the most successful and beloved artists who have left Israel, whether in his shows with huge audiences around the world, or in his productions, which have won important and groundbreaking hits.

On the other side – Genia – with a rare talent to embroider sets that are not dull, not even a moment, there is no banality, no “almost”, everything is full of intent and precision. This virtuosity has made him a permanent resident in desirable positions and productions in Israel and around the world. In the studio he is known for his innovation with columbs and interesting remixes, climbing the treetops and the ratings.

And what happens when they are together? One of the hottest news that came out of a studio this year was their joint

Blue Shadow label, the first of which is already wide-ranging and world-wide.

And when it comes to the position, the similarities and synergies between them brings everything to other heights: a rare combination between past, present and future, sensitivity to the space and tremendous passion for the profession.
You only have to stick to your feet.

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