Mon 29 October 2018 | 11:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Ozen Bar - King George 48, Tel Aviv, 40 NIS

The 90s Party Line Celebrates 7 Years!
(The party on Monday, on the eve of Election Day – a day off for the entire economy)

★ Flight Lottery to Oslo (Norway) + ticket to the Crazy Nineties Festival!

7 years of the Nineties parties and we are very excited to invite you to this year’s production – the birthday of the line at the ear club.
In honor of the birthday, a happy party is especially invested with prizes, surprises and treats 🙂

★ Flight Lottery to Oslo (Norway) + Entrance to the nostalgic Nineties Festival!
★ Free entrance lottery for one year (!) For all parties!

On the music with favorite hits from all 7 years of the line:
★ Stav Ben Yakar (Residency and Founder of Halane, Flashback)
★ Ophir Sofer (Residency and founder of parties in the 90s in Israel)

It happens only once a year and we are always excited as if this is the first time!

On 29.10 at the Earl Club, King George 48 Tel Aviv (near the chin)
The party is on Monday, on the eve of Election Day (a day off for the whole economy) 🙂

Entry to 40 members
50 at the box office.

We are waiting for you with excitement,
Fall and Ophir.

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