Tue 30 October 2018 | 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Artopus Collective - Simtat Beit Habad 3, Tel Aviv,

The upcoming election day in the big city gets a new face.
A day to mark our personal choice as individuals, artists, intellectuals and material.

We strive to realize a common vision for the space of choice and creativity / art in our lives.
To celebrate the abundance we collect unique artists, creating a magical and pampering space that will allow us to explore, deepen, enjoy and choose again out of waking and shared presence.

What awaits us on this wonderful day of freedom?
A moving workshop, a creative space, spontaneous expression and art, ideas sharing, an ecstatic dance journey and deep meditation for dessert.
Canvas of creation, expression, healing, meeting, party and great celebration 🙂

16: 00-17: 00
Gathering, Mingling and works for the new year of selection!

17: 00-18: 30 – A variety of shows!

Live 1: Jamie Gordon
– an intimate folk show, original and exciting pieces straight from the heart. Jimmy is a well known singer in Israel and abroad, giving the space the wisdom of the heart, humanity in an acoustic, groovy and personal performance that combines different folk styles.

Performance 2: Shacham Zach – guitarist, creative artist – tribal cosmic music
Playing with the sounds, discovering worlds of rhythm and sound.
An artist who refers to Fadl de Leigh as a musical instrument in his own right and explores the many possibilities that are depicted in him.

Performance 3: Wholq – producer and performer that will take you on a musical journey across styles.
From jazz to pop-folk.

19: 00-19: 30 – Conceptual Gathering – New Year’s Intentions:
At the center of the event we will all converge into a short circle of cooperation, to look at our personal space of choice. We will raise key questions and ways of observing them. We will create and dance during the event.

19:30 – 20:00 Creating Change Through Dance: Changing consciousness and action through intuitive movement in space
In this workshop we will learn to be curious, to accept and to fall in love with every part of our bodies through an intuitive movement in space. Through tools that the encounter provides, we will delve into creative ways to dance our inner narrative in order to release old patterns that no longer serve us.
About the creator of the workshop: Liza She-ra Futerman – creates dreams.
A multi-disciplinary artist and artist, believes that significant social change takes place through art and creativity.

20: 00: 21: 30 – Ecstatic Dance Tour – a set of music from all over the world in a psychedelic electronic vibe – the energetic climax of the event focuses on ecstatic dance, a journey that allows you to explore the body, movement, breathing and soul.
We will begin to relax and relax, to conscious movement, to ecstatic release and back to our breath and presence.
On the DJ Go Love Yair Golov

21: 30-22: 30 Sound Healing and Finish Meditation –
The journey will be opened by Yevgenij Shifrin, a very special player, “A Journey into the Silence of Sound” – meditative music on special percussion instruments: stara.
We will end the evening with a brief meditation session with Tibetan bowls and other tools. Breathe, relax, share the experience and share with our partner the insights, inspiration and clarity that came up in the process.

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