Wed 11 April 2018 | 12:00 am - 11:00 am
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When they discovered the new bodies collapsed, Palace, Juno and Vesta in the orbit around the sun in the area between Mars and Jupiter they were defined as planets and remained such for five decades. But later, when other bodies were discovered in this area, it was decided to deny them their status as planets and to define them as astronauts. A planet decided to connect with Earth Mother – so we came to this event!

Many people from space decided to connect with the beautiful green nature.
Astronauts concluded that nature was best for them.
In 2019 it was announced that CARNAVAL production was connecting with the planet to a breathtaking event!
We are honored to invite you to our first event – CARNAVAL PLANAT!

As most of you know today there are countless productions and events.
After many years of experience in the nightlife – this is our time to go out with cheers and joy to the unknown!
We will experience a momentary and breathtaking experience, the trip is long and full of musical content, we will meet in the open nature. Where everything can happen!

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