Thu 19 September 2019 | 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Studio 207 - HaThiya 14, Tel Aviv,

Capsule 4 with ‘new’ mark. A new year, new elections that will lead to a new government, new decisions, a new sense of new hopes, and the participants this time, will all carry out one new thing that has not been done before.

In the program – Daniel Chen breaks with a 10-minute standup, rolling to Yuval Oz and acrobatics that will make your joints pale, through the final music of Mohammed Alanoma and Camilla’s Azerbaijan music to lead the 15-person choir By Gon Ben Ari. In the middle of the space, modern-day duo Arthur Astman and Ilana Balhassan will be injured, and mid-and-late starters will play Rune’s DJs that will start ‘Ehlen You Eat Something’ and end with a Thursday party to know when it will end.

Of course we paint all the walls in Daniel Persai’s stunning video art and of course the Studio 207 team will not stop pouring you free alcohol and of course (last but not least) that Chef Emmanuel Peres will pour you dishes from the kitchen so you won’t be hungry for a second during the evening.
No, we don’t have that much exaggeration.

To the first fifty purchasers, those who believe in the capsule, we are hosting a free, free chef’s dinner at Studio 207 in Jaffa (after all, it is the capsule house), 2.9.2019 from 20:00 to 23:00.
An indulgent menu for everyone, combines Ethiopian cuisine with Mediterranean cuisine. Of course in the capsule tradition, the alcohol flows free, the culinary fun and delicious, the end of summer atmosphere, pre-election and school start. For some, this is the last chef’s dinner before flying to any destination abroad.
If you want to arm yourself for the chef’s dinner, order a double ticket for the capsule * Today *

Video: Daniel Elior
Editor: Nir Leist
Logo and graphic design: Anat Gutberg

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