Thu 16 May 2019 | 8:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Studio 207 - HaThiya 14, Tel Aviv,

in short,
Capsule is a series of multi-disciplinary art events, including food and alcohol, carefully sewn around the concept of the evening (this time – Motives).
The idea is simple: you buy a card in advance and leave your wallet at home while you go out for an artistic dive surrounded by good people (up to 200). And. Both food and alcohol are included.

What awaits you in Capsule 3?
Em: polish – food, alcohol, dance, acrobatics, music, art, short lecture, video art.
And at length:
Chef Noa Argov (Galgalatz) will set a chil-brazilian-Mati-Caspi opening and will keep you in mind. At some point, Aya Dayan will give an acrobatic accent in the “No way you did” section. It’s right now. ‘ Neta Weiner (System Ali) will give a solo and talk a bit about the house, Ofir Atar will come up with the flamenco tradition and the passion for life and lead to Mor Jessica in a dance from nail to ground Eden Kalif will give a painting and live show, while her hair Goldman will give a set to close the place with dancing . All this time Daniel Persai’s video-art will paint the room from every possible wall, and the bar will bring out the cocktails. You really just have to come.
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