Thu 24 January 2019 | 8:30 pm - 11:59 pm
Studio 207 - HaThiya 14, Tel Aviv,

Capsule is a series of events combining boutique arts
At every event, there is a culinary and artistic menu built around a specific concept
You buy a ticket in advance and leave your wallet at home while you go out for an artistic dive surrounded by good people.
After a regular sequence of music performances, dance and video art, lectures and whatnot, they take off for a party.
Sounds good?

So what have we cooked for you this time?
Think of the word ‘coal’ for a moment. There is something airy in it, a sharp, guttural, ending with a complete, final stop. Mmm. A winning word.
It has magic, a special energy of earth, of land that was once different, something that has undergone metamorphosis. Once there was a tree / wood burned / became coal. A stubborn, stubborn stance that remains on the ground.
Coal is largely the ugly brother of the diamond. The one who got the dirt and the lack of sexiness, but in return received that beautiful word.
Diamonds are forever, and coal is victorious. The steam, the electricity. victory.

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