Wed 10 October 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Hatachia 14 - Hatachia 14, Tel Aviv, 150 NIS

** In a nutshell **
Fine (and natural) food and cocktails will pad your stomach, which will absorb two sets of two video-art performances in three projectors Two fascinating short lectures
And all this, without consulting a purse. So. Whatever you want, as you like. You pay a ticket once and everyone gets into it.

Yair Yona and Noam Halper, two musicians – people of culture and people who do not know how to rest, are building the event of the art of music, music and intellect, which they would like to be in as an audience. A space in which there is music for the basin, palatable food, and short lectures for the cause.

Urbanism Shamanism – the days pass too fast in our urban experience, we have not had time to exhaust the moments of yesterday, and within a minute comes the day of tomorrow. But the moment like every moment is the essence of creation and death, light and darkness, and you can look at the moment only when you go to the shamanic eyes of someone who runs his own life ritual, and not only lives it. Chew each bite to the thin, exhaust each slice of lemon separately, dance each bit as if it were the last, live.
This evening a capsule of stimuli will be distributed. Ears, tongue, heart, pelvis, brain. A group of people walking together, without intermediaries, without means, like a deep secular ritual of essence, in our shamanic world.

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