Thu 20 April 2017 | 4:20 pm - 11:59 pm
Rose Garden - Shimon Dubnov, Jerusalem, FREE

Three years ago we opened a civil campaign titled “Take us to your body.”
With the understanding that the government will not do it voluntarily, we decided to challenge it and started as free citizens to hold public events and mass-smoking, under the nose of the country and in its government center. Of course the police could not stop it, they tried.

A year ago, we celebrated there again, then the police would not even attempt to stop it and focused on doing what they know and can – Harassment of individual smokers, of course, not only did they not bother anyone, but no one is there to be disturbed at all.

This year, the garden was filled with the country’s thousands of smokers and nonsmokers, to celebrate with  bongs /Joints and lots of munching, in a display of freedom and smoking.

Want it or not, approved by the Ministerial Committee or not, will vote for or against – cannabis is not going anywhere, and is under their window.

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