Sat 17 March 2018 | 4:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Pasaz - Allenby 94, Tel Aviv, 40-60 NIS

Just as Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland we bring the retro to you. Camp Cadawa and Camp Jukebox come to Playa with a rich gifting of retro music and a huge playground games! And in this respect we have organized a green party for you !!
The word “green” has many beautiful and positive ties: neighbor grass, American money, fields of happiness ( you know.. ), Smith’s apple, Facebook awake call , Jezreel valley, environmental quality and Jealousy’s envy …
Not here!
For us, green symbolizes everything except what it really symbolizes. Celebrating saint patrick’s day – saints will not get out of here ….

We will organize you full of surprises. At 20:00PM a prize will be distributed especially! Hint: If you’re going to MIDBURN you want one at your Camp in Palea and if you do not going – it will change your life! Our word 🙂 will be given a choice option.

Those who know the list of talented people who will play the music make us feel warm in the heart, already know that it is recommended to make a serious NAP TIME and to get fresh and beautiful. start at 4:00 PM and stay into the night because the line up is so crazy!

* Dress Code: It is recommended to take out all your greens.
* We know it’s hard without SELFI PIC (especially with the setting that surrounds you) but please with permission only.
* Personal space is above all, please maintain mutual respect
*Smoking is permitted in a fun and wide-ranging smoking area.

see you on Saturday 17.3 at 16:00 in Pasaz.
The first 150 people will enjoy early purchase prices of NIS 40 at the following link:

Then 50 NIS
There will be a sale for 60 NIS if tickets remain, according to the Going list.
** All profits from the event go back to Playa **
** line up ** line up ** line up **:
Frank is responsible for “electricity” at our camp. For this very reason! He opens our party and introduces us to a rhythm that should be on Saturday afternoons!

RAMZY al SpinozA
Electra Chapel
Contemporary music is purely Arabic.
Beaded necklaces, tobacco apples and a sinti solo on deep basses.

From CAMP Lemon tree, through the southern desert to Tel Aviv, these talented people raise us all over again! oriental, deep hous. tropical

Known as a pure Sunrise Kingdome’s artist. Blows TERA and THE BLOCK, the human jukebox, the sound architect and the famous Beat designer!
tech house, deep house, techno, progressive

A veteran of the talker,a true soul BURNINGMAN, a musician in the soul who knows how to speak to and excite the audience. Brings us high-quality techno and deep house to provide a hypnotic finish for this amazing night

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