Fri 23 June 2017 | 2:00 pm - 11:00 pm
David's Ranch Community - Ein Vered, Ein Vered, 65 NIS

How-die dolphins! Did you play in the dust? Was it fun? Hooray!

Miss us? So did we
Bubbles? us too
Camp David invites you to our Playa on the farm for an after noon of soap filled creation and self expression on the radical border, music magic and bubbly unicorns!

Whats on the agenda?
Installations that will make wanna wake up in the morning
An impressive array of workshops
Cocoa? pranks? orgasms? come radical.


Water – Selfie slide, Instush bubles and contests that will leave the sponge from the Golan in the dust – Reference attached
Circus performances – get ready to fly (or sit on the grass and watch someone way more talented fly)
Fire show – It’s never enough
Drag and drop shows (and copy paste if you are a fun enough audiance)
Complaint corner with instructions for anyone coming to dis

♫ Djs & Live Acts ♫
♫ GoodVibez Chillexing sounds ♫
And some genres we made just for this event
HorseStep,Bubble Blues,
Funky Wonky Donkey,
Gili-BaKatan Trap!
Dooboo is crafting a schedule
With vibes to move your booty

Bar with funny prices, funny tasting food, time with funny moments

Did you see we have a pool?

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