Sat 17 March 2018 | 3:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Alphabet - Ahad Ha'Am 54, Tel Aviv,


Butterfly Effect are coming to flip the floor and pick it up to the sky in our crazy BURN party !!

Together, we are all going to enjoy the new, renovated and upgraded Alpha with good vibes and sound, and an amazing setting that has never been seen before! We arrange for you a crazy After Party in the principles of the burn community on Saturday afternoon until the little hours of the night.

Early sale 35 NIS >>

Regular sale 45 NIS >>

Butterfy Effect ((formerly Art Turismo)
Is a sound camp that bursts into the 2017 BurnCandles (Hanukkah event), and comes with all its might to fly the playa in the 2018 wilderness with an art installation in the shape of Dome (geodetic dome) featuring a crazy ultra-butterfly setting and day and night parties into the beautiful sunrise of the desert.

Apart from art, and as an essential part of the camp, our gifting is guided tours of the Midburn art exhibits. Our butterflies will conduct guided tours, like in the museum, in groups of 10 people for about 30 minutes.

But at the next party our tours are only in the dancefloor;)

Dress code – come disguised, express yourself radically with all of us, get mad, let love hover and celebrate love!

On Saturday 17/3/2018 (in gematria = Happiness) everyone comes to have fun, fly and to be free like the butterflies that’s inside of us!! 🦋🦋🦋

This is our first recruitment party and we are super excited to invite all of you and all of you, already waiting for you with our beautiful butterfly drinks

♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ * ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩

Omer Ran
Omri Even Ziv
Dave Miller
DJ Leeka

Omri Ike

♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ * ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩

Super Early Butterfly – approx
Regular sale – about 45 NIS
Special Recognition ticket* – 60 NIS

* The ticket will purchase a special guided tour in the Midbar 2018 to all (30) members of the camp of the purchaser of the ticket. Come and get an amazing experience on a special hour-long trip, crystallizing and amazing in the 2018 wilderness.

important details:
*** All the proceeds from the event are donated to the Art and the Butterfly Effect Camp in Midburn 2018.
*** The event in the spirit of the Burn community principles. Zero tolerance to harassment of any kind. If someone bothers you / you will contact us directly or one of the security guards at each exit.

Tickets are purchased by credit card only.
Link to purchase card:


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