Thu 19 December 2019 | 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
The Gay Center - Gan Meir, Tel Aviv,

Bush and LGBTQ Center are proud to present:

19-21.12 | LGBTQ Center
Curators: Noga Or-Yam, Faina Feigin

The Bush Collective are taking over the LGBTQ Center!

For one weekend, all the center’s rooms will become galleries, the offices into performance stages and our space in Gan Meir into a stage for the wide spectrum of our stories and art as a community.


✬✫✬In the exhibition✬✫✬

Bush Collective, participating artists:
Rotem Sarid, @Hayah Sheps – Avtalion, Niv Fridman, Daniella Meroz, Gal Tamir. Einav Zeichner, Assaf Hinden, Netta Shalev, Eliana Weinberger, Noa Simhayof Shahaf, Omri Goldzak, Tamir Chen

Curator: Gila Greenfield
In a unique exhibition of the participants of the LGBTQ Center’s art program. Works of raw personal moments in public situations. Identities in different spaces Intimate versus public, a private moment in front of an audience. The project sheds light on the role-play of the home and urban continuum, through different identities and the aspiration for authentic self-expression and dialog.

Muli Lieberman, Zion Ashkenazi, Zak Pinhas, Kayla tannenbaum, Yoni O-taiy, Roee Mor, Tomer Avraham

Opening night: Thursday | 19.12.19 | 19:00
Sahar Tafish
بسمه بدر
Meyt Sherf
Eden Rabi
Adi Shaham
Michal Meg

Dj: תקליטוריס // taklitoris

On the mic:
Jenet Belay
Adi Shaham

On the Ink:
Omri Goldzak


✬✫✬Opening hours✬✫✬
Thursday 19:00-23:00
Friday 10:00-14:00
Saturday 11:00-15:00

*Entrance is free of charge!*


Spectrum – A unified and continuing existence, made from different items. The connection of the items and the similarities between them, are what creates the spectrum, and the differences between them allow the possibility of a sequence. While items without differences make up a homogenic group, a spectrum gives the opportunity to trace the foreign and the dissimilar, through which creating a range of possibilities.

Parrhesia In Public – from greek: Parrhesia, Openly, in the public eye, publicly visible. Freedom of speech, openness / audacity, boldness.

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