Thu 11 April 2019 | 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Beer Sheva - Beer Sheva, Beer Sheva,

Somewhere in February, it was dark and cold, a good group of serpents gathered up and gave her an exaggerated idea

This year, it was decided, is going to be a precise event at the highest levels!
The content, the participation, the houses, the sound, the fire, from the party to the principles – everything is going to be Tate! 🏋️

From the creators of the Haburn-7, the event that changed the face of the country, bring in a once-in-a-lifetime production – prepare for Burn-8 🔥

Yes Yes, now that we have your attention, come dive in with us:
In the second year of our fine tradition, we produce three days of groundbreaking event! This is no longer a regular festival in the desert or in the forest, it is a glacier from the wonderland of Peking and Beersheba

And what awaits you?
– The event will undergo a transformative experience from another world: this is a production of workshops, concerts, parties, lectures, meetings, works, art and dance – all of your own creation and creation
What is this, an origami workshop? Is that Spoken Ward? This is my mother dancing there on the side ?? what? You want to beat Beat? Produce a political costume party? Organize five people, push full boiika and see if it came out well? With us, everything is possible! ️🎨

– And where does all this happen? In our houses, the centers of the Berne-7
We are an open group of people who live in homes that are a dream and adventure and we decided to share them because … why not? Right. 🏘

So … In conclusion … In order to understand a little what motivates us to this madness, here are the 8 principles of the event, read and understood:

1. Absolute inclusion – anyone who wants to come, whether it’s the first Baran event and Nir Eden, is invited! 👨👨👧👧

2. Generosity – We work in an abundance economy. Bring the Little Extra to make everyone amazing. Make a small gift or just think of the other to make the event exciting and wonderful!

3. Merchandising – it’s Urban Baran, so buy food in the city and spend money in business! Whatever it is, the workshops and whatever you send, are free of charge

4. Total self-reliance – if I am not for myself, I am not me. Take care of yourself.

5. Participate – register to transfer content, attend workshops, devote yourself to the event and do not be guests who came to watch from the gallery. Offer you? Take it. Are they kissing you? You scream. Do not know … NEXT!

6. Do not leave dishes – do dishes, clean the house, do not pee on the wall, yes. 💦

7. Self-expression Ltd. – Come handsome and young, do not know what to wear, everything goes from jeans to toto Just remember that we are in town so do not run naked.

8. Civil responsibility – friends, our wonderful mayor Rubik won 92% of the votes. We love Rubik – we do not disappoint Rubik. Keep Be’er Sheva as if it were Tel Aviv.

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