Fri 12 April 2019 | 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Habima - habima, Tel Aviv,

Even this summer our sea will be in danger.
This summer, too, sewage will flow into the sea, mountains of garbage will accumulate on the beach and reach the bodies of the animals at sea, and the gas and oil drilling will continue to threaten it.
In order to preserve the flora and fauna in the sea, and so that a summer vacation on the beach will not become a distant memory, we must and must continue to demand the establishment of marine nature reserves!
Israel is a signatory to the Barcelona Convention, according to which it undertakes to establish marine reserves at a rate of at least 10% by 2020.
The year is 2019, and today only 0.3% of the Mediterranean is defined as nature reserves.

Join us for the opening of the swimming season on Friday, 12.04 (the date of the opening of the official bathing season for this year) at 11:00 at Habima Square and together we will demand from the Government of Israel 20% nature reserves in Israel!

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