Wed 31 July 2019 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Red House Gallery - Yisrael Misalant 35, Tel Aviv,

8 Artists from both the Shapira neighborhood in Tel-Aviv and Brooklyn, NY will create the first ever event of its kind, staged in Shapira on the 31st of July.
What happens when a group of strangers meets for the very first time, to explore artistic expression in collaboration? Themes of success and failure are investigated through the multidisciplinary intersections between movement, video and sound.
All are invited to participate in the incomprehensibly vulnerable process of complete exposure- artist in front of audience- in the hopes of achieving utter authenticity and honesty that can only emerge from live, improvisation-based creation. Various components of this novel piece are weaved together through interactions amongst the artists and their art; a tight crochet untangling throughout the performance space.

Andres Gurwicz Based in Shapira, Tel-Aviv, multimedia creator of visual structures and projections.

Lir Katz: Based in Bushwick, New York, dancer and creator, movement director and actress.

Alex Clair: Based in New York, choreographer and freelance dancer.

Yoni Simon: Dancer at ‘batsheva’ dance company, choreographer and practice Ilan Lev method.

Yoel Yoli Dorot: Based in Shapira, drummer and studio manager for drums.

Matan David: Based in Shapira, Dancer and gaga instructor.

Danielle Shami: Based in Shapira, international Graphic Designer, social media, branding and video specialist.

Yuval Shenhar: Musician, producer and soundtrack designer

Special Guests:
Keren Schnur
Tamar Sonn

Come see us fail.


Alex Clair
Andres Gurwicz
Danielle Shami
Lir Katz
Matan David
Yoel Yoli Dorot
Yoni Simon
Yuval Shenhar
Keren Schnur
Tamar Sonn
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