Sat 11 March 2017 | 7:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Vicky Cristina - HaTachana, Tel Aviv, 100 NIS

Boys & Girls please prepare your costumes!!!
After long months of planing and anticipation, countless meetings around the clock – we are thrilled to finally tell you guys about the craziest production we’ve ever set our hearts towards, for this upcoming Purim event..

🗿 BORSIPPA 2017 🗿

Here’s a little bit of backgoround to those of us who have somehow managed to forget..
In the 5th century BC In the ancient land of paras that spread from India to kush, one Haman stood and decided he wants to kill all of us!
Lucky for us king Mordechai was there along with his niece or according to other stories maybe even his daughter, they managed to save the situation..
Other signs to the background of these events could be found in an archeological site in the Samaritan city of Borsippa (located 19klm south of Babylon) where ancient arcs were discovered along with inscription of a clerk named mordechai in the name of the King Achashverosh!! That is the most reliable piece of evidence from back in the 5th century bc which was found to that Jewish mordechai.

2500 years later, Purim 2017..
And we are glad to praise the king to celebrate in jubilation mordechai and ester the queen’s triumph over evil Haman and invite you to a crazy night in BORSIPPA!

On Saturday night and for one night only we shall turn the “Tachana Compound” into that ancient city of BORSIPPA using video arts, street artists, periodic visuals, we will connect between the new and old, ancient and modern past and future.

Behind the event stand the Secret Garden, HADAP line of events and Jusper Bar which will open the Jasper Jones street in BORSIPA with a wide ranged cocktail bar and a separate floor 🎭 in the center of the city of BORSIPPA on the main stage will Dj Jenia Tarsol.

Entry to BORSIPPA will be allowed with Tix purchased online and before the event.
Opening of tix sale will be available on Sunday February 19th at 12:00

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