Thu 6 October 2016 - Sat 8 October 2016 | 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Givat Haviva - Givat Haviva, Ma'anit Secretariat, 350


Imagine a world in which the body is a brush, the movement is a language and dancing is the way. A Festival through the body, dance and movement festival the largest in Israel who returns for the fifth time current format, creating a utopian world like this and invite you to join the biggest dance of the year.

The festival is based on the content areas and people that drive the site through the body lovers of dance and movement in Israel visits from the virtual space and gather for three days of celebration through the body with the beginning of a new year.

The Festival has 12 complexes workshops in a variety of styles and themes with the best artists in the field, contact improvisation, acro-yoga acrobatics and circus, physical theater and performance art, Gaga and contemporary dance dance Ethiopian, Tribal belly, tango, tap and flamenco, yoga and Pilates, Tai Chi fleet Kong, the wisdom of the body in different approaches, the five rhythms, Biodnsh Rio Abirto and more and more.

Three days where you can dance, to speak and walk among countless styles and dance non-stop with the creators undertaken in Israel and participate in many more from all over the country.

Every evening dance performances and live music on the main stage (including the amazing Groove Ambassadors), parties free dance under the stars in the night, lectures and demonstrations in different approaches of the wisdom of the body, master classes, happening colorful, outdoor performances, circus and acrobatics market artists and more. a world in motion the village green and luxurious risen to life with an infinite number of grass and space, Swimming huge bathroom and three days of friends and plenty of dancing. the festival is for all lovers of traffic of all kinds, experienced and beginners alike, and in general for anyone who loves Lzozzzzz … no previous experience is necessary, but who has such workshops would also experienced. Everyone is welcome and will find their place. Come dance with us!

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