Wed 27 November 2019 | 8:30 pm - 11:59 pm
Papaito - Derech Salame 29, Tel Aviv,

Improvising in the Darkness,
Live from the Dark,
The Blind Orchestra returns for a moment to Tel Aviv with lots of good vibes music from its very essence.
How will that sound? Depends on the vibe and you
Our prediction: Energetic, humorous and dancing in a way that pleasantly blends your buttocks, your dignity in its place.

The new use of 9 improvisation wizards will take us on a journey of the submarines into space into parallel dimensions and back:

Uri Yida Shehoah (Malabi Tropical, La Combina Sound System)
Omri Skop (Muki, Voodoo Love Hendrix Tribute)
Itamar Ben Yakir (Sumsum, Yemen Blues, Hoodna Orchestra)
Gili Sharabi (Dunia, Masalev)
Nitai Marcos (Forestt, Groove Ambassadors)
Yali Sharon (Dazy’s Fasulia, Pufferfish)
Eyal Tafesh (Pufferfish)
Dov Balu the bear (The Angelcy, Lo dubim).

Where? Papaito, 29 salame street, TLV
When? 27-11-19
Time: 20:30
Blind Who?
Over the years, the Blind Orchestra project has hosted over 300 musicians from all over the world and conducted dozens of performances and workshops in Israel and abroad.
On stage 8 blindfolded musicians, one conductor and lots of musical instruments..

The blindfold takes the musicians through a refreshing sensory experience and the conductor determines who plays, or sings and who stops, by a touch of a wand.

The musicians are free to play as they please and the conductor imparts order, beginning and end to each musical section.

The musicians do not know when they will play and the conductor does not know what they will play. An unconventional, adventurous and bouncy improvisation project, full of groove, creativity and humor.

All the pieces are improvised and developed organically and associatively on the spot, in front of the audience and sometimes even with its participation. It all depends on the moment, the space, the musicians and the vibe. The project is headed by Dov Balu Rosen: a musician, artist and producer best known in Israel as one of the founders of TheAngelcy and Lodubim.

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