Wed 26 September 2018 | 8:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Escape City - Ben Yehuda 32, Tel Aviv, 45 NIS

What are the hidden messages in the series “The Story of a Slave”?
What historical sources is it based on?
How are the events in the series related to current events?
What do artists have to say about the movement of Me Too and Trump?

Dr. Hadas Cohen, a lecturer in political science and gender researcher, will be hosted at Funzing Talks for a fascinating lecture on the messages and story behind the series that shook the world – “The Story of a Slave”.

In the series, a state of emergency is declared in the wake of a global fertility crisis, followed by a nationalist theocratic regime that restores the “old order” – women are expected to fulfill their biological role as mothers, forbidden to read and write, and in a sickly twist they serve as elite clans for breeding purposes.

At the same time, beyond the fictional aspects, the series has a chilling relevance to what is happening in our world today – from the separation of asylum seekers from their parents to the visit of the commander of Gilad in Canada just the same week that Kim Jong Un, the leader who starved the masses from North Korea, became Trump’s best friend.

In order to understand and stand up for the hidden and hidden dangers that arise in the drama series, Hadas will tell you the historical reality on which the series is based, such as witch trials in American history, Magdalene laundries, the women’s “purifiers” in Ireland, the birth plan of the Nazis . Finally, I will tie it to the current reality, both in Israel and in the world.

Dr. Hadas Cohen is a lawyer, a lecturer in political science and a gender researcher. She is also an expert on American politics interviewed on television, radio, and the press.

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