Thu 22 November 2018 | 8:00 am - 7:30 pm
Neve Shalom - Neve Shalom, Neve Shalom,

A professional, experiential and unique conference on spiritual guidance.
During an entire day and in four areas in the enchanting community of Neve Shalom (half an hour from Tel Aviv) we will meet as a community to experience, explore and deepen.
Depth professional workshops alongside introductory workshops dealing with the different ways of receiving spiritual guidance for daily life:
Intense inner voice, listening to the body and its messages, channeling with spiritual guides, sharpening intuition, checking muscle, bioenergy, shamanism, focus and more.

The conference’s professional staff:
Dr. Nader Bhutto – Opening Lecture.
~ Dr. Avishag Pelosi – Connection to the Inner Voice: Blowing to Flow.
~ Shachar Ben Porat – channeling of “purity” and a workshop on emotional activities and coping with the challenges of treatment.
~ Dr. Shrei Gelb – ‘Research Community’: A meeting around the questions of essence in the field of spiritual guidance.
Adi Shaanan – Muscle-Kinesiology Test as a Tool for Guidance.
~ Yossi Dotan – ‘Media Room’ with the soul.
~ Eilat Almog – channeling on the subject of ‘messages from training’.
~ Michal Valensi – Essentials of Connection – Indian Medicine – Shamanic.
Shay Garberz – channeling with ‘Suran’.
~ Amir Leibman – Shamanic Psychotherapy.
~ Mia Rabinovitch – Tarot cards and messages from the transition.
~ Hadar Dagan – Channeling of Shani.
And more …

We will conclude the conference with a sacred and exalted song that will be led by Ron Paz Narian Juti.
Invited with love.

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