Thu 13 December 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Red House Gallery - Yisrael Misalant 35, Tel Aviv,

We are very pleased to invite you to a cultural artistic event, the first of its kind, consisting entirely of artists and artists from Ethiopian origin!

We are cooking a huge exhibition throughout the red house where plastic artists, musical ensembles, performers, spokane rose, chefs and other surprises will be participating!

The event was created with the cooperation of the Red House with a collective of artists called “Ethiopian Artists’ Beta”, which began as a Facebook group. Ethiopian artists joined the group from all over the country.
Big madness and you come!

list of participants:

* Plastic artists *
1. Tal Magos
2. Anatnesh Yallow
3. Ephraim Wasse
4. Ashger D. Zamana
5. Sons of Akala
6. Wadage Malka
7. Limor Mangisto
8. Sailor Smon Msfn Smon
9. Eden Dasta Eden Desta
10. Eden Yilma
11. Rachel Anio Rachel Anyo
12. Shimon Wanda
13. Sarah Yitzchak Shara Itzhak
14. Tevel Krigman Tevel Krigman
15. Avi Shmuel
16. Tesfaye Alemu Tegegne

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