Wed 28 March 2018 | 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Yung Yidish TLV - Levinsky 108, Tel Aviv, 40 NIS

(This text is written in the female language but in the theater there are also men, sweet and charming)

We, the participants of the Human Theater 2017/2018 invite you to an evening that can stir, shake, heal and change.

In the last five months we have been engaged in a learning process of clowning, physical theater and movement. Through these tools we engaged in intimate research: Who are we under the shell? What are the questions and stories that accompany us? What does it mean to be human today?

We invite you to an evening of works that came from the creative process of the last month (and long before). Sections of exposure, passages that challenge the conventions, that emerge from the heart and express a living and diverse human truth.

We are excited to meet and share with you our works, and to discover what magic will be revealed in your encounter with us and with us. We’re going to have a special experience together! Excited to meet you!

Expecting, laughing and seriously,

Participants and participants in the human theater

Tamar Alon
Yonatan Barzilai
Noa Inbar
Inbal Shavit
Aviram Arad
Yaron Rice
Poetry is sharp
NetaLa Sk
Michaela Katzowitz

The instructors: Lotan Sapir and Racheli Mendelson
Supporting moderator: Dana Margalit

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