Tue 15 January 2019 | 9:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Tmuna Theater - Soncino 8, Tel Aviv,

Bell Always – A recent show in Israel for the near future!
Special guests! Noria in a one-time reunion show

Tmuna Theater, Tel Aviv

Last performance before Snir moves to Australia.
Last chance to listen to the album in question in August.

The trio – Nir Tzafati, Alon Peretz and Kobi Arusi – base their music on the principles of minimalism.
The ensemble has developed in studio performances – rehearsal and studio performances in Tel Aviv for a limited audience with pre-registration, in which the audience is dispersed in space. The absence of a border between the ensemble and the audience creates a special and strong experience among those present.

Last August, the trio released their first album, Daylight Slowly Fades.
The album, written by Nir and produced by him, together with Aviv Meshulam, deals with masculinity, impossible love and emotional ambivalence.

Special guests: Noria The previous ensemble in which Alon and Nir participated, together with Noa Segal, Dotan Moshnov and Uri Dror.

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