Sat 2 February 2019 | 3:00 pm - 11:59 pm
HaOman 17 - Abarbanel Street 88, Tel Aviv,

— Sunflowers X Beit Maariv Present —
Zero Gravity – 12 hours in space

Take the connection to the next stage – a journey of 12 hours that will change the laws of physics – Beit Maariv and the sunflowers meet at HaOman 17 for one sitting without gravity and full of music and thrills with a magnificent eyeup and a thrilling guest.

Giorgia Angiuli
How to set it up? She is a multi-instrumentalist, a classical composer, producer who captivated the likes of Steel For Talent, Croston Rebels, KMS, Systematic and Suarera, and above all a creator of an electronic show that stunned the world time and again and made her a popular and viral artist By any standard and for the most sought after clubs and festivals.
What is the secret of her magic? Is the combination of pop, techno and chaos? Or is it the use of the waltz that moves the listeners to other dimensions? The charismatic and colorful personality and creative hallucination? Maybe the combination of a bunch of non-trivial musical instruments? It seems that everything is together – which is certain that this combination sweeps wide in the storm and sends them to a place where there are no more laws and no gravity – only movement in space between pleasurable sounds.

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