Thu 28 March 2019 | 9:30 pm - 11:59 pm
Pasaz - Allenby 94, Tel Aviv,

Emotional breakdown!
Moma Productions presents – the beating heart of the electronic scene from Austin Texas for the first time in Israel, Bayonne (City Slang) Live In Tel Aviv

Thursday, 28/3/2019, Tel Aviv Passage
Opening show: Zoe Polanski
Doors: 21:30

The minimalist composer and the electronics and hypnosis wizard Bayonne (Roger Sellers) comes to us as part of a world tour with his new album “Darstik Mazarach”, released by the excellent Berlin label City Slang, where he builds layer by layer, a dreamlike digital orchestra of sounds, rhythms and decade.

Bayonne reinvented the term “One Man Band” and elegantly and elegantly woven hypnotizing piano melodies, guitars, percussion instruments and computer into his works performed in the heart and taking the listener to an emotional roller coaster between grandiose climbs and psychedelic dives, while paying maximum attention to details and maintaining an atmosphere Deep and liquid electronic pop.

On 28 March the Passage will be filled with colors and sounds from this world (and certainly not from Israel) and on 29 March you will probably try to understand what the hell you experienced there.

The opening show – Zoe Polanski (Bella Tar, Rio), accompanied by Aviad Cinemas on electronics, will appear with songs from an upcoming album, songs from previous albums and instrumental ambient pieces. Polanski’s popular citrus guitar singers meet the multi-dimensional electronic world of Cinemas.

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