Mon 27 May 2019 | 7:45 pm - 11:30 pm
Cinemateque - Shprintsak Street 2, Tel Aviv,

The Bauhaus meets the big screen on the occasion of its centennial celebration ★

27.5 || 19:45 || Tel Aviv Cinematheque

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Docaviv is proud to present >> The Bauhaus meets the big screen on the occasion of its 100th anniversary, in a collection that will expand the discussion beyond the borders white city. the films of the Bauhaus artist Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Maya Keller, Ofir Feldman and architect Zvi Efrat moving the abstract to figurative, from the past to the present and from the personal to the community, while echoing the question of the relevance of the Bauhaus today ~

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Introduction by Dr. Liat Sabin Ben Shoshan ~

Screening of four short films and a conversation with the creators »

Light, black, white, gray – Laszlo Mohalli-Nage, who spent years studying light and his movement in space, created this abstract video using an electric light fixture for the stage, his work considered the first kinetic sculpture. The changing light and shadow games present simultaneous and dynamic viewing possibilities. Germany / Russia 1930, 6 min, no dialogue ~

ghost chairs> In a prestigious furniture store in the small town of Weimar, Germany, human beings are sitting and swaying on Bauhaus chairs. There are signs of life from client to customer. Israel / Germany 2019, 26 min, German, Hebrew and English subtitles ~

We, the inhabitants of the Siemens neighborhood, have three figures portraying the portrait of the Poalei Siemens neighborhood in Berlin, which has become an open museum of international style buildings. A lonely worker who yearns for the good old days of a single Jewish mother who lived in a building from the time of the Nazi regime and gave birth to a family of immigrants from Ghana who lived in the original apartment of architect Hans Sharon. Through the stories of the characters and their weakening, the changes that have taken place in the German working family and the utopian space created for it are revealed. Israel / Germany 2019, 26 min, Hebrew, English, Dutch and German, Hebrew and English subtitles ~

The most beautiful campus in Africa> In this film, the architect and architectural historian Zvi Efrat investigates and documents the planning and construction of the University campus in western Nigeria. The campus was designed by the Israeli architect Bauhaus graduate Arieh Sharon for more than two decades, beginning in 1960. This project is part of the multi-dimensional assistance program that Israel submitted to African countries that underwent a process of de-colonization in the 1960s. Sharon designed a modernist-brutal architecture in Nigeria, adapted to the local Herb culture, and reinterpreted the original “tropical architecture” developed by the British, which ruled Nigeria until 1960. Its design is based on buildings adapted to the local climate, does not require mechanical conditioning systems, Inside and outside. Israel / Nigeria 2019, 25 min, English, English Subtitles

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