Thu 22 November 2018 | 11:30 pm - 11:59 pm
London Ministores - Ibn Gvirol 30, Tel Aviv,

Bass.Camp are proud to present:
Never Say Die Records
Spag Heddy (SPAIN)

Bass.Camp exaggerate our usual habits, we realized that in 2018 are not enough –
Oolacile, Funtcase, Borgroe, Virtual Riot, Barely Alive and more,
This year needs a crushing blow, one that has been attentive to all requests, reactions, and most importantly, your wishes!

Spag Hadi (or Spaghetti Im Tirtzu) is one of the finest and most working artists of the vast label Nepper Say Day. With a magical melodic signature and cross-border sound, he manages to keep track of the listener’s memory very easily. Spag had managed to get his music out in blues like Begur, Monstruct, Firefighter,
He has appeared in festivals such as Electric, Edisie, Lost Landet, Imagine,
He played alongside Zumboy, Axision, Pais Van, Flaks Pavilion and many more, created remixes and collaborated with artists such as Sultan, Slender, Modestep and Doublodz. The list goes on, it’s very hard to start believing that this is happening here in Israel, Camp end 2018 So be strong!

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