Fri 13 July 2018 | 3:00 pm - 11:50 pm
Bascula - HaRakevet 72, Tel Aviv,


To anyone who has been in Bascula, to those who have always wanted to get here, to those who always wondered what the hell Bascula even is:
And for the last time- how do you pronounce that name?!

We founded Bascula three years ago to create the first home for contemporary circus in Tel Aviv, to nurture is, and nurture other artistic projects as well.
The space also functions as an independent home for artists and different artists- musicians, theater, dance, performance, spoken word, video art and more!
Many artists have come through the doors of Bascula to find a warm home for creativity and performance. Many people have come to our space to enjoy various shows, lectures, workshops and more.

***Now we need you***

The past chapter of Bascula has not been simple… we were closed for more than a month.
The timing, to put it lightly, was as bad as it could be. We had just ordered tons of equipment to upgrade the space in order to provide a better experience for anybody entering the space- lighting, home-improvement, sound and more…
Since we had already ordered all of the equipment, and we were closed, we decided that instead of giving up, we would set up the place for you, install and lock in our upgrades and make Bascula even better and more pleasant than it was before.

Unfortunately, a month closed has heavy economic implications. In order to be able to get back on our feet and become a home for artists and art once again, we planned a big event to allow us to continue on the path to success in the name of independent art and culture.

We have contacted our favorite artists who are happy to take part in the event –
A weekend of various performances – music, circus, dance and more …

Among the amazing artists who will come and give back this weekend are:

| Ageisabox / Helfer | OSOG | Nomke | Shelly and Rotem | Shelly Alma | Itamar Haluts | Shlomi Ash | Sarah Benasouli | הסלינקיז | Arik Eber – אריק אבר | Amos Zimmerman | Josef (Benjamin’s Brother) | Yael Copeland – יעל קופלנד | Noa Shapira – נועה שפירא | Eitan Chinitz | Pattie | Wanna Wanna |

| Aya Dayan | Rotem Sapir | Daniel Toora | Yael Berkman | ״נוער מעורר השראה״- a show for the whole family | and more that will be published later…

In addition, there will be all different artist stands.
All that in an uplifting atmosphere with a cold beer 🙂

Where do you come into the picture?

In the link you can purchase a ticket for the event. The ticket is for the whole weekend which you can use to come and go as you please.
The ticket price is open – you decide on the price.

Any ticket purchased at the price of 100 NIS or more will enter you into a lottery where 5 lucky winners will receive tickets to all of the performances at Bascula for a full year.

In the next three weeks we will be posting here about the artists who will appear on at the gala, on upgrades and on programs – and of course – we will tell you what the name Bascula means and how we really pronounce it 😉

Come and take part in bringing Bascula back to life!

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